Who we are

Since 2005, nestled in the serene landscapes of Northern Michigan, Kristin & Company has been illuminating moments with its signature glow. With a commitment to craftsmanship and authenticity, we pour each candle in small, hand-crafted batches, ensuring that the essence of Northern Michigan is captured in every 100% soy creation. Our legacy is more than just candle-making; it’s about preserving the timeless spirit of our beautiful region, one flame at a time.

Crafting Quality and Natural Delights

Kristin and Company’s mission is to manufacture and market high quality, unique and natural candles and products that consistently deliver positive outcomes for our customers, their clients, our employees and our communities.

As Kristin and Company continues to grow, it is increasingly important to explicitly reinforce the core values from which we develop our brand, culture and business strategies:

  1. Enable delivery of exceeding customer satisfaction, always.
  2. Embrace change and drive continuous improvement.
  3. Encourage fun, creativity and innovation.
  4. Empower growth and learning
  5. Elevate communication and teamwork.

Our Difference

Kristin and Company, a Division of T.R. McTaggart, poured its first hand-crafted, 100% natural soy candle in 2005 at our headquarters in Standish, Michigan. Since then, we have become a recognized name in the hand-crafted candle business with candles sold in more than 300 independent retailers across the country.

crafted from natural, renewable resources

soy candles have a slower, more even burn and a longer soothing glow

Clean, eco-friendly, Free from harmful chemicals

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Kristin and Company provides the personal attention you deserve, it comes natural to us.

Advantages of becoming a retailer of Kristin and Co

100% natural and 100% quality products

Dedicated customer service

Net 30 terms for customers with approved credit

Customized products

Fast turn-around

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