Carrying on a Tradition with Kristin & Company Candles

Oct 30, 2023

Hey candle lovers,

As the golden hues of October give way to the chill of November, I find myself immersed in memories and traditions that go hand-in-hand with this time of year. It’s moments like these where I’m reminded why I began hand-pouring these soy candles in the first place. I wanted to recreate that cozy, heart- warming feeling to share with my friends and family – and it morphed into getting to share it with all of you. It’s always been about more than just candles, though. It’s about the spark of tradition. Traditions are the lovely threads that weave our past into the present, linking memory to moments, and generations to their successors. From the scent of fresh pumpkin pie from the kitchen at my Grandma Judy’s to the laughter of family gathered around the fire, the little rituals have certainly made my life sweeter and ground us in the comfort of familiarity.

When I first gifted a mason jar, soy candle nearly 20 holidays ago now, I was anxious. But with each wick set and jar sealed, I added the care and love you know now. I’ve always hoped our candles would find their way into homes like yours.

I hear the stories from customers from time to time – how a particular scent reminds you of a certain holiday when everyone got Snuggies or how a Kristin candle turned an ordinary afternoon into a glowing memory. These stories – your stories – have kept us going for 20 years and urged us to challenge ourselves, grow, and evolve.

All these years later, I’m thrilled that our original Heritage Collection remains popular – it fills me with a mix of nostalgia and excitement. It continues to be a celebration of traditions old and new. The rustic charm of our mason jars is a part of the approachable tradition that is – and always has been – Kristin & Company candles.

As the cherished holiday seasons approach, I invite you to welcome Kristin & Company candles into your home once more – or even for the first time. Enjoy over dinner, quiet moments of reflection when you’re finally able to catch your breath. Let our candles be more than a subtle glow and fragrant décor, but a tradition, a memory, and a gentle reminder of what binds us all.

Creating a tradition isn’t about grand gestures. It’s about those small, lingering moments that transport us back to a time that feels much bigger now than it did then. I’m so grateful to be a small part of your traditions.

Stay cozy, keep glowing.