Decorating Memories in the Glow of Cozy Home

Nov 29, 2023

Ah, the magic of the Christmas season is upon us! As the calendar pages flutter to the end of November, my home starts its transformation into a wonderland of the season. Boxes of ornaments, wreaths, twinkling lights, and of course, our family’s cherished decorations begin to find their places in corners, on shelves, and on the tree. The Snow Village made its appearance at the end of October – I’ve been ready for this season for awhile now.

When I decorate, I have what’s become a tradition of burning our Cozy Home candle. The name itself does it for me, but the scent drives home the name we’ve gifted it too.

Especially as the Snow Village went up this year, I found myself regaling the kids with tales of each piece – the way my Aunt Lori did, who gifted the Snow Village to me in 2012 before she lost her battle with multiple myeloma a few years later. She told me about how she bought the two snowmobilers the year my parents bought their snowmobiles. She bought the doctor making house calls the year her son – my cousin Matt – started medical school. The red Volkswagen beetle with the Christmas tree on top was meant for my cousin Amy – even though as my aunt told me often, it wasn’t an ACTUAL Snow Village piece.

I remember when my tree was decorated only on its top half – my Jay baby was too curious to have any ornaments at his level. There was the year that I got four trees up in the house and everyone thought I was nuts – but I was so tickled with each unique tree. As this Cozy Home candle flickers, it’s as though the movies in my mind are playing on the walls around me. What is better than being surrounded by those we love – even if they left us too long ago – as the holidays draw near.

The scents and sounds of the season surround us here in our home – fresh cinnamon rolls, hints of vanilla, and spruce. The scent lingers like the memories – and gratefully, the memories have lingered far longer.

As the kids grow and our traditions evolve, there are some that remain sacred. Talking about my Grandma as we roll and bake cut out Christmas cookies with some of her 100s of cookie cutters. That Snow Village. Ice skating at the outdoor rink up the road.

As you deck your halls this season, consider making Cozy Home a part of your tradition. I hope it kindles memories old and new the way it does for me.

Wishing you a season of warmth, love, and cherished memories,