Mark your calendar for Monday, November 27!

Love the idea of getting Black Friday deals but you could do without the long lines, large crowds, and frantic pushing? You can avoid crowds and lines by shopping on Cyber Monday from the comfort of your home, or wherever you are connected to the Web. So, take advantage of Cyber Monday! After all, Cyber Monday deals are Monday only!

No need to get up early and brave the weather, traffic, and crowded stores. Stay in your pajamas and have those perfect holiday gifts delivered right to your door! You’ll save time, money, and be less stressed for your efforts.

Kristin and Company has a special Cyber Monday offering only on November 27:

  • Buy 2 16oz. candles, and get 1 16oz. candle free!
  • Offer good for both Heritage and Redefined collections.
  • Offer good for any scents in the collections.
  • (In other words, no restrictions or fine-print exclusions!)

Use Promo Code: “CyberMonday” at checkout. Visit our shop  now and plan your purchases to save even more time on Cyber Monday.

The advantages of shopping on Cyber Monday vs. Black Friday

  • No crowds
  • No pushing to get Doorbusters before they’re all claimed
  • No pushy sales people
  • No lines
  • Don’t have to get up early
  • Don’t have to wait around for stores to open
  • Shop in your PJ’s if you like
  • Save time
  • Save gas
  • Low-stress shopping
  • Easier to be secretive about gifts
  • Spend time with your family on Thanksgiving, rather than the mall
  • Don’t feel guilty about retail workers not getting to spend Thanksgiving with their families – you won’t be contributing to it!

Candles make the perfect gift

Candles offer something for nearly everyone on your list. You can check grandma, friends, co-workers, or whoever loves candles (and who doesn’t!?) off your gift list. Everyone loves candles!

Kristin’s candles are 100% soy, clean burning, have a greater scent throw than our competitors, and come in over 50 unique scents. In short, they make the perfect gift!

A holiday emerges

Philadelphia police coined the term “Black Friday” in the 1950’s. Crowds came to town the Friday after Thanksgiving for the annual Army/Navy football game on Saturday.

Stores took notice. To capture the crowd’s business, stores started promoting big sales on the Friday before the game. The consequence was police were assigned long, busy shifts they came to dread every year.

Black Friday became more widespread in the 1980’s.

Then came the tech explosion in the 90’s. Since then, the past 20 years has seen a drastic increase in online shopping. “Cyber Monday” was coined by the National Retail Federation in 2005. And, unlike Black Friday, Cyber Monday allows cops to take the night off! Yet another reason to take advantage of the sale.

Cyber Monday has now even been exported, reaching beyond its U.S. origins.

Are doorbusters going bust?

Recent trends have been moving away from doorbusters. This creates less of a draw to shop at the brick-and-mortar stores.

However, the change was a response to customer feedback. Customers have been frustrated with good buys being in short supply with high demand. After all, the last thing you want at the beginning of your shopping day is to feel let down!


In contrast, Cyber Monday provides a relatively calm shopping experience. However, while there might not be doorbusters as we’ve come to know them, hot items can sell out in the time between your page loading and you clicking on the item. However, you need not worry that a candle you want from Kristin will be out of stock. We will fulfill your Cyber Monday order.

Nowadays doorbusters have become more plentiful online. If trends continue, perhaps the next generation will ask why they’re called ‘doorbusters,’ just as teenagers today who haven’t seen floppy disks wonder why they’re the “save” icons on the computer.

The busiest online shopping day

The end of November and December has long been a busy time for shoppers.

In 2016, consumers spent $3.45 billion on Cyber Monday deals, up 12.1% over Cyber Monday 2015. Online sales over the entire 2016 Thanksgiving weekend totaled $9.36 billion, up 16.4% from the year before.

Also in 2016: Black Friday online sales surpassed the $3 billion mark for the first time, up 21.6%. Thanksgiving Day online sales totaled $1.93 billion, up 11.5%.

Smartphones enter the scene

Cyber Monday 2016 saw consumers spending over $1 billion on their phones.

Shoppers on smartphones spent 53% more last Cyber Monday than the year before. Last year nearly 28% of online sales were over mobile phones.

Shopping on their employer’s dime 

45% of shoppers say last year they purchased their presents while at work. We do not encourage this activity. Our sale lasts all day, so wait until you get home from work to enjoy the savings and mark names off of your list.

Think big

Over 56% of consumers say they plan shop Cyber Monday this year, compared to 39% last year.

2016’s Cyber Monday saw the largest online sales day in history, totaling $3.39 billion. This was up 10.2% from the year before.

Cyber Monday this year may be the biggest shopping day in U.S. history. 2017 deals are expected to be even bigger than last year.

However, no matter how much shopping increases on this day, your shopping experience doesn’t change: shop from your PJ’s, no driving and searching for parking, no crowded aisles, no lines at checkout, no stress!

Things to buy on Cyber Monday (after you buy our candles, of course!)

  • Clothes
  • Shoes
  • Beauty products
  • Toys
  • Major appliances
  • Book a hotel

’Tis the season of sales

In addition to Black Friday and Cyber Monday, there deals to be had later in the year.

  • Green Monday (the second Monday in December) – our soy candles are 100% “green,” so we celebrate this every day.
  • Free Shipping Day (mid-December) – we offer free shipping on all of our order, so, again, ew celebrate this every day.

Savvy shopping tip

Make a shopping list before you open your browser. That way you don’t impulse buy and you don’t miss out on deals before you even know what you’re looking for.

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Visit Kristin and Company to check out our selection of soy candles, make a purchase on Cyber Monday, and start crossing off those hard-to-shop-for (and easy-to-shop-for!) people on your list. Remember to take advantage of Cyber Monday with offer Promo Code: “CyberMonday” at checkout.