Into the Northern Woods: Pine Needles as Tradition

Nov 13, 2023

Hello again friends.

As the brisk winds of November sweep across Northern Michigan, there’s an unmistakable buzz in the air. The woods, in all their splendor, are calling out, beckoning so many to partake in a time-honored tradition – the hunt.

Every year right about now, I watch hunters, clad in camo, readying for the woods, and time spent at deer camp. With their gear in tow and stories of past hunts shared, it’s clear that the tradition is much more than just a seasonal activity. It’s a rite of passage, a bond shared across generations, and a deep respect for the wilderness.

While I’ve never been one to trudge through the forest at damn, I feel the pull of the woods in my own unique way. I adore the scent of fresh pine needles underfoot, the crunch of the leaves and the frost, and the serene beauty of the forest coming to life. For me when it’s this chilly, I find ways to bring the woods home. And that’s where our Pine Needles scent comes in.

When we introduced Pine Needles, I knew I loved it, but I couldn’t have known how it would become our signature scent all these years later. Earthy undertones and a fresh, invigorating pine top note – Pine Needles has been our signature blend since the start.

Especially now, during hunting season, as those I love – the little kiddos have joined deer camp for a few hours this season – take to the woods, I’m transported there as I enjoy the peace that comes when the hunters take to the pines. I turn on a little Zach Bryan on my Spotify, light my favorite Pine Needles, and snuggle in with a glass of wine. That quality time reminds me to practice gratitude for the beauty, stillness, and connection that comes to us here in northern Michigan this time of the year.

For those who share my sentiment or who spend those hours in the woods and want to take a piece of it home, this scent is that bridge. As the hunting season progresses and tales of majestic bucks and close encounters are shared, I invite you too to enjoy Pine Needles. Whether it’s returning from a day out hunting or simply curling up with a good book, let this scent transport you here – or wherever your hunting home is – no camouflage required.

Happy hunting season to all!

Warmly yours,