Make 2018 Good for Your Health and the Environment

It’s that time of year! Time to make resolutions for improving your life in the New Year. One resolution to consider is switching from paraffin-based candles to all-natural soy candles. All-natural soy candles are good for your health (and easier than going to the gym!). A switch to soy candles is also good for the environment.

First we’ll discuss how to keep your New Year’s resolutions and then why switching to all-natural soy candles should be one of them!

How to (Realistically) Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions

If you were one of the 91% of people who did not achieve your New Year’s resolutions in 2017, listen up! New Year’s resolutions aren’t impossible if you approach it right.

So what’s the secret of the 9% who achieved their goals? Are they human? What’s the deal?

First of all, it doesn’t just happen. Sticking with your goal might be easier if you follow a few guidelines:
• Evaluate the goal
• Make it attainable
• Be specific
• Write down your goal
• Make a timeline
• Schedule it in
• Measure your progress
• Have friends and family hold you accountable
• Have patience
• Don’t be all or nothing
• Try 25 minutes
• Reward yourself

Evaluate the goal

Choose wisely. Ask yourself how important is it to you to achieve the goal. Is it worth your time to pursue? If you’re blasé about it, you’re less likely to stick with it.

Make it attainable

While it’s great to be ambitious, don’t set yourself up to fail. For example, maybe you put 10% of your paycheck toward retirement rather than 20%. If you find in 2018 you can stash more away great! But you know your living expenses. If it’s too much of a stretch, you’re setting yourself up to get discouraged, making you less motivated to save anything. A goal should inspire you, not discourage you!

Be specific

In the past you might have said, “This year I’m going to get in shape!” or “I’m going to master the piano!” However, how do you go about it? And how do you know if you’ve been successful?

Being specific motivates you because you can chart your progress. The more you can quantify the better. There’s no deluding yourself that mediocrity is success.

How specific should you get?

You could set your goal to reach a certain weight, body-fat percentage, or BMI. You could say you’re going to work through some piano lesson books.

These are good goals. However, you still don’t have a roadmap to get there. It also leaves room for unhealthy dieting, defeating the whole purpose behind the ultimate goal: to be healthy. You might breeze through a piano lesson book, but how well can you play one? Do you play painfully slowly, miss notes, or forget how to play if you have an audience other than your dog?

Better goals would be “I’m going to log 10,000 steps each day” or “I’m going to walk two miles on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.” Aspiring pianists could vow “I’m going to practice 30 minutes per day” or “I’m going to play this piece for an audience on this date.”

Either you ran two miles or you didn’t. Either you practiced 30 minutes or you didn’t. A performance will hold you accountable because you can’t procrastinate when there’s a set date.

Write down your goal

Science shows you’re more likely to follow through on goals if you write them down in detail. And post them in a place that you’re sure to see each day – perhaps the refrigerator door.

Make a timeline

As Dr. Phil has said, “The difference between a dream and a goal is a timeline.”

Even if you quantify how much weight you want to lose, without an end date there’s no urgency to follow through. You’ll end up thinking, “There’s always tomorrow.” It’s the same reason coupons usually have expiration dates. They get you to act.

Schedule it in

And don’t pencil it in either! If you don’t plan a specific time to do something, it will never get done. Think about how long your to-do list is right now. Make your goal a priority. When is the last time you found yourself having a bunch of spare time? Probably not too often.

There are apps that allow you to schedule your goals. Download an app that will automatically schedule those activities on a reoccurring basis and notify you when it’s time to walk, practice, learn a new language, or do whatever it may be.

Just remember that you are in charge of how you spend your time. Treat your blocks of time just as you would a dentist appointment or an evening Skype call for work. Otherwise, you’ll find yourself continually pushing it off, finding no time for yourself.

Speaking of yourself, it’s not selfish to try to improve yourself. In fact, you might find that you become more productive at work and more “present” for your friends and family.

Measure your progress

Psychology 101 says, “If you can measure it, you can change it.” Measuring will motivate you and hold yourself accountable.

Have friends and family hold you accountable

Social support can be a helpful tool. Download an app that allows you to share your progress with friends. Make a vow on Facebook so everyone will know if you follow through. Recruit a buddy to go for walks with you. When you feel “too tired” to walk, you’ll probably go on the walk so you don’t let your friend down. And, once you get walking, you’ll probably be glad you did!

Have patience

Like history, progress isn’t linear.

Maybe you’re an accountant and it’s tax season. Let’s say you miss a few weeks of jogging. Instead of saying “Well, I’m done,” resume jogging once work gets less hectic. Or, if you can, jog one day a week instead of three. One is better than none! Don’t say “I’m a failure.” Be realistic about your circumstances and resolve to get back into the swing of things when it’s possible again.

Don’t be all or nothing

Do you ever start slipping once you’ve made the tiniest lapse of diligence?

Maybe you didn’t practice Spanish on Monday so you figure the week is shot. This is the wrong approach! Forgive yourself and move on. It’s easier to get back on track the shorter the time between your last study session or healthy meal.

Vince Lombardi (that guy who the Super Bowl trophy is named after) famously said, “It isn’t whether you get knocked down, it’s whether you get back up.”

Try 25 minutes

Another strategy is, when you feel physically tired or mentally fatigued, try doing something for 25 minutes. 25 minutes has been found to be an amount of time that doesn’t seem daunting. And, usually after 25 minutes you’ll find you want to continue.

Reward yourself

Sometimes rewards can motivate you. For example, maybe you only allow yourself to watch your favorite TV show if you finish a certain task.


A good goal is specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound (SMART).

• Specific
• Measurable
• Achievable
• Relevant
• Time-bound

Make 2018 Your Year!

Why make switching to all-natural soy candles a New Year’s resolution?

With minimal effort you can save money and breathe easier at home.

If you buy soy candles now you can save 50% on your entire order with a new customer registration. When your paraffin-based candles run out, you’ll already have all-natural soy candles to replace them. You won’t be tempted to pick something up at the store just to have it immediately if you don’t have a Kristin & Company retailer nearby. Instead, your all-natural soy candles will be waiting for you!

Key benefits of all-natural soy candles (compared to paraffin candles):
• Burn clean
• Eco-friendly
• Healthier
• Last longer
• Cost effective
• Derived from natural vegetables
• 100% biodegradable
• Spills clean up easily with soap and water
• Releases more of its fragrance
• Supports American farmers
• Made from renewable resources
• Lower melting point
• Burns at a cooler temperature

Support sustainable

Farmers are finding a new market in soy wax. Support American farmers growing soybeans!

Burn clean

All-natural soy candles burn clean.

Many people are bothered by the soot paraffin candles create. If you have guests who are sensitive to smoking, they will thank you – and probably stay longer! Although burning paraffin candles isn’t as bad as smoking, the smoke from burning paraffin still contains several carcinogen compounds.

The lower to negligible soot levels of all-natural soy candles help maintain pure air quality in your home, making it better for you and the environment.

Try Us Out in 2018!

Kristin and Company carries a wide variety of all-natural soy candles and provides high-quality soy candles at a great price.

Make the resolution to switch to soy candles in 2018. Begin with a visit to our site to enjoy 50% off your initial purchase when you create a new customer account.

2018 is the year to switch to soy candles! Your New Year is sure to burn bright with Kristin and Company candles!