Our candle customers have spoken, and these are your favorite soy wax candle scents in 2018. Have you experienced all of these favorites?

#10: Log Cabin

Our tenth most popular candle scent is one of our custom scents that we’ve lovingly named after one of our favorite places on earth: the inside of a log cabin. This soy wax candle gets its scent from a warm, rustic blend of earthy woods and spices with an added fresh burst of pine. Enjoy Log Cabin and be transported back to good times and warm memories.


#9: Lavender

Like the essential oil, lavender is a staple among the most popular candle scents. It’s said to help with discomforts like migraines, anxiety and stress. Just the mental image of a field of lavender wafting gently in the breeze feels relaxing. Our candles are scented from real English lavender, and will bring you the scent of that gently flowing field.


#8: Cozy Home

Nothing makes a house a home like a good, inviting scent. Burn this candle at home and voilà! Instant cozy feelings! Cozy Home is our original aroma blend of warm cinnamon and spices which make it the perfect candle for a cold day inside a warm blanket.


#7: Best Friends

Many of our customers first try this scent out of curiosity due to its intriguing name, Best Friends. however, after that initial trial, they regularly return to this unique scent. What is the scent of Best Friends? Like any true friendship, it starts with a strong foundation – in this case a creamy vanilla base. Splashed on top of the vanilla is a wonderful blend of sweet berry goodness.


#6: Orange Cupcake

It’s the sweetest thing from the bakeshop: decadent orange cupcakes! This sweet, fruity candle scent is close enough to the real dessert to make you salivate! Featuring a delectable aroma of orange peel baked with brown sugar and topped with creamsicle frosting. We suggest burning this candle on a weekend morning to wake up the kids.


#5: Spiced Cranberry

Our soy candle fans really enjoy the stronger, bolder scent of Spiced Cranberry. We craft a fragrant blend of tart cranberry with orange zest, and a hint of ginger to give it a real kick-in-the-nose! Looking to cover some less pleasant smells in the household? Try out Spiced Cranberry today and give your home a better scent.


#4: Apple Jack & Peel

Rounding out number four in our most popular candle scents is Apple Jack and Peel. This is our unique blend that creates a welcoming aroma of baked apples warmed with a touch of cinnamon and spice. Apple Jack and Peel may remind you of summertime fun, but it’s a great scent for your home year-round.


#3: Apple Pie

Apples are just too good to only have one scent dedicated to them! Our Apple Pie candle is a love letter to the traditional American dessert. Enjoy the scent of juicy, sliced apples with brown sugar blanketed in a warm, buttery crust. This soy wax candle brings enticing bakeshop scents to any household.


#2: Vanilla

Like lavender, vanilla is another essential candle scent. It’s rich, pleasing scent and taste have made their way into most of our favorite desserts and baking. Now you can have this wonderful scent in your home without the traditional soot of paraffin wax candles. Our Vanilla scent is derived from the oils of natural vanilla beans, and is even said to smell stronger than traditional waxes.



#1: Pine Needles

And the number one scent choice is: Pine Needles. Our soy candles give off the fresh, earthy scent of a northern pine forest with a pleasant blend of fir and balsam. We’ve modeled our Pine Needles scent after the native trees in our hometown in Northern Michigan. Some candle enthusiasts many consider this scent “too plain”, but it actually is very effective in overpowering other less pleasant smells. Bring the forest home today!