Introducing Kristin and Company’s Three New Fall Candle Scents

How awesome is fall? Leaves are changing colors, the weather is cool and crisp, and it’s the transition time from T’s to sweatshirts and sweaters. It’s part of what makes this season a favorite for so many people. Fall candle scents add something special to the season. Enjoy some autumn delight with Kristin’s new fall scents to celebrate this time of year!

Fall into fall: What makes fall great?

Why we fall in love with fall:


Kristin and Company soy wax candles to be exact! When it gets dark in the evening, light a candle and look out at the moon! Fall candle scents make fall even better.


The colors in fall are vivid and beautiful. The leaves change colors and turn the world into a stunning painting. Everywhere you look there are pops of color, integrating bright colors into the usual green and brown motif. Leaves are beautiful, colorful, and remind us of nature and the circle of life.

Crunch crunch

The crunch of leaves is fun and strangely satisfying. It’s kind of like popping bubble wrap, but the natural version. No matter your age, it never gets old.

Perfect sunshine

The sun is still bright so we can enjoy the light and get a little recommended vitamin D; but the sun’s rays won’t give you sunburn or make you sweltering hot.

Happy Halloween

Halloween is on its way. On the other 364 days of the year, you feel a twinge of guilt buying large quantities of chocolate. But on October 31st, you get to buy treats to hand out to kids in cute costumes; and at around 8pm the rest is yours – guilt free! Plus you can dress up and enjoy the whimsy, as it’s the one time each year it is socially acceptable for adults to wear a super hero costume in public!

Horror movies

Horror movies are more fun to watch on Halloween (Or, scarier depending on how seriously you take the holiday.).

Giving thanks for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is coming. And thank goodness for Thanksgiving. It’s a time for family, friends, and food! (And shopping for some!)


Sweaters are comfortable and cozy! The weather is finally cool enough to warrant them after four months of your attempts to wear the thinnest fabrics possible.


Pumpkin pie is worth the 11-month wait. Buy or bake an extra one to freeze, for you pumpkin enthusiasts. And pumpkin spice lattes are back!

Apples, apples, apples

Apples are always good. And they’re a healthy alternative to sweets while still being as festive as the rest of the fall menu. Caramel apples sweeten life up and are unmistakably fall. Not to mention apple cider, apple pie, and apple crisp!

Presenting Our New Fall Candle Scents

These fall candle scents will get you in the mood for fall.

  1. Cozy Sweater
  2. Give Thanks
  3. Harvest Moon

Cozy Sweater

The essence of roasted chestnuts and brown sugar will surround you and keep you cozy!

Try roasting chestnuts and baking your favorites like apple crisp and apple cake. Get into your favorite cozy sweater and burn a Kristin Cozy Sweater candle to enhance the evening. The warmth of candles and sweaters make every night a little warmer.


Give Thanks

Entice your senses and be thankful with the aroma of warm apple and walnut crisp right out of the oven.

This candle is great for the Thanksgiving holiday. Give Thanks is a scent that welcomes guests into your home and makes them feel just that: right at home! After the smell of the walnut crisp subsides, light up a Kristin Give Thanks candle to calm the mood (depending on your in-laws!), and continue the festive, aromatic atmosphere.


Harvest Moon

Cinnamon, vanilla, and clove bouquets … bright and brisk like the Harvest Moon!

The perfect blend of cinnamon, vanilla, and clove in Kristin’s Harvest Moon candle acts as the perfect atmosphere for viewing the Harvest Moon! Invite over some friends, make some pumpkin lattes, burn this fabulous all-natural, soy-based candle, and wait for prime moon viewing on a clear autumn night sky.


Key benefits of Kristin candles:

Enjoy our fall candle scents with these perks!

  1. Soy based
  2. All-natural
  3. Clean burning
  4. Long burning
  5. Eco-friendly

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