Need to focus but feeling distracted? The smell of our environment can have a significant impact on us. If you’re experiencing brain fog, powerful aromas are a perfect tool to use to lift your mood and energize your mind. 

We suggest these scents to help you focus and create a productive environment in your home:

1.  Cinnamon Bun

Who doesn’t love waking up to the sweet and spicy aroma of cinnamon buns? Not only is it a delicious treat, but cinnamon can sharpen your mind and improve your memory. 


2. Citrus Basil

The mixture of cool citrus and fresh basil leaves provides more than just a clean and crisp fragrance. Citrus has been known to energize and increase productivity, while basil is calming and can relieve stress. A perfect combo!


3. Eucalyptus

The sharp smell of eucalyptus is an excellent aromatic stimulant, especially when you’re feeling a bit under the weather or just mentally exhausted. 

4. Lavender

A whiff of lavender is said to soothe and calm, which might be just the thing you need if you’re looking to focus. Calming your nerves can help you clear your mind and help you concentrate. 


5. Lavender & Vanilla

We’ve paired the soothing scent of lavender with the warm and comforting fragrance of vanilla for this candle. Not only does the lavender calm your nerves, but the vanilla uplifts your mood so that you’re in the right mindset to tackle any task!


6. Lemongrass Sage

The crisp scent of lemongrass can help to awaken the senses and uplift your mood. Our candle is also blended with the herbal aroma of sage, which has been shown to improve memory. 

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