It’s true: How you start your day can set the tone for the rest of it.  The happiest and most resilient people make it a point to practice daily habits that boost their mental health.

While it isn’t possible to be positive all the time, we can make it a point to maintain an optimistic outlook.  Optimists are known to navigate the world better because they have the presence of mind to manage difficult moments with clarity.

Optimism allows us to see opportunity in adversity and learn from it.  In turn, we develop our capacity to love life and teach others.  That’s why, in addition to regular exercise and meditation, you might consider adopting some of these morning habits to inject happiness into your daily life.

  1. Practice gratitude. Meditate on something you’re thankful for.  Gratitude is known to increase happiness, self-esteem, elevate kindness, and reduce feelings of inadequacy.
  2. Journal. Just taking a few minutes each day to jot down your thoughts and feelings can clear the mind, increase optimism, and help you problem-solve.
  3. Set an intention. Think of a saying, or mantra, and repeat it multiple times in your head.  For example, if you have a big presentation at work, you might ask for clarity and composure.  This mindfulness practice can bring forward the ideal qualities within us that day, elevate self-esteem and optimism, and increase satisfaction.
  4. Focus on your strengths. Pick one trait to focus on.  For example, you might be a compassionate person.  Such an exercise can train our minds to see the good in the world, bring out the best in us, and understand we have the power to control our destiny.

Which technique sounds most appealing to you?  You might consider carving out a space in your home solely for your morning practice – with comfy pillows, candles, and natural light.