Why use soy wax? Let us count the ways!

While soy wax is better for the environment than paraffin wax, the benefits go way beyond this.

Promoting sustainability through soy wax is one simple way you can do your part for the environment while also supporting local business. From sustainability to easier living, no wonder soy candles are gaining popularity among candle enthusiasts. Soy wax is sustainable for the environment, the local economy, and your wallet.


Increases economic activity

Demand for soy wax sustains local soybean farmers, helping the local economy.

Michigan’s soybean farmers are making big impacts on the local economy and doing so in a socially-responsible way, according to information from the Michigan Soybean Promotion Committee.

Good for the local economy

Some 12,000 Michigan soybean farmers contribute $1.67 billion to the economy and create 14,100 jobs for the state.

Michigan soybean farmers are growing soybeans in a way that is profitable and can be replicated every year without depleting resources.

The Michigan Soybean Promotion Committee says sustainability through soybeans is possible through:

  • Economic sustainability
  • Social sensitivity
  • Environmental stewardship

Economic sustainability: Profitable and replicable

Social sensitivity: An eye on impact

Environmental stewardship: Best (farming) practices



We know that oil reserves are becoming depleted. And, as scarcity increases, so go the prices. Since paraffin is made of petroleum, paraffin is susceptible to price increases. The soy supply, on the other hand, isn’t finite. It’s based on how much we decide to grow.

No collusion

In addition, energy companies have colluded to fix oil prices in the past, affecting paraffin candle price tags. According to the New York Times, this might have even started in the 1970’s. One of the paraffin cartel code names? Paraffin Mafia! Who knew the candle business could be so scandalous?

So far, there haven’t been any “soy scandals”!


Soy is a renewable resource. You can continue to enjoy the ambiance you appreciate at dinner or special occasions, but with the added benefit of knowing you’re part of the solution toward a move to using renewable energy.

Kristin & Company soy candles are renewable, sustainable, and biodegradable. 

New technology

One new farming practice is the “no-till” approach. Just like it sounds, farmers don’t till the soil. This practice saves water and increases the retention of topsoil, organic matter, and nutrients. Additionally, less tractor usage results in fewer emissions.


In the forthcoming paper “Understanding the Positive Effects of Soybean Production on Climate Change,” Dr. Chris Saffron, assistant professor in the Department of BioSystems and Agricultural Engineering and Department of Forestry at Michigan State University, and his team calculated significant environmental benefits attributed to soy production.

Growing soybeans was shown to decrease CO2 emissions due to decreased equipment emissions. The savings is equivalent to removing 3,732 cars from the road. Reduced loss of CO2 in the soil because of no-till technology would be equivalent to removing 14,050 cars.

According to research conducted by the Michigan Soybean Promotion Committee:

  • Some 70% of Michigan soybean farmers attend at least two educational meetings every winter to stay current on sustainable soybean management and learn about innovative technologies and best practices.
  • Over 45% of Michigan soybean farmers use technology for seed, fertilizer, and pesticide application that ensures land only gets the necessary amount. This practice decreases fuel usage and ensures resources are used most effectively.
  • More than 80% of Michigan farmers test new practices and products before adopting the practice. This prevents negative environmental impacts before they start.
  • 70% of Michigan soybean farmers create an agronomic plan addressing water, nutrient, weed, insect, and crop needs for sustainability. Strategic decision making based on past performance and projections makes greater efficiently more likely, as well as an increased likelihood of improved sustainability.
  • Farm machinery fuel efficiency has improved. 91% of Michigan soybean farmers use the same amount of fuel or less per acre than five years ago.

For information on sustainable soybean production, visit SustainableSoy.com.

For information about soybeans in Michigan, visit MichiganSoybean.org.


Soy candles are long lasting

Soy candles burn slowly.

When a candle burns, the melted wax is drawn up into the wick due to surface tension. The flame’s heat vaporizes the wax, producing water vapor and carbon dioxide.

When compared to paraffin and palm wax candles, soy candles burn the longest. This is because soy wax candles have a higher melting point.

Think of it this way: You know how when you melt a stick of butter on the stove it’s quicker if you break up the butter into pieces? Think of the butter chunks as molecules. Soy wax contains larger molecules, resulting in less melted wax and hence lasting longer.

Emergency ready

If there’s an emergency and the electricity goes out, it’s important to have emergency candles in a place you can remember. Candles are a great source of light. Depending on how long it is until the power grid is restored, soy wax’s economic advantage could prove even more important. The soy wax candles will also take up less space so it’s not a hassle to store something easily accessible that you don’t use often (hopefully!).

Cooler burn pool

Have you ever spilled candle wax on yourself? Soy wax burns at a cooler temperature. While it still isn’t pleasant, it’s better than the (paraffin) alternative!

Easy to clean

Have you ever spilled wax on your favorite sweater, having to relegate your go-to outfit to work clothes? Have you ever spilled on the carpet and have to have a plant pot or piece of furniture covering the spill, even if it’s a little awkward in your living room layout? Or, ever spilled on an heirloom rug passed down from your great grandparents?

If you spill soy wax, it’s easier to clean than spills from paraffin wax. Soy wax can be removed simply with soap and water. This doesn’t just mean saving time in cleanup. Fewer items ruined or discarded is good for the earth too.

Smells like home

The consistency of soy wax means a stronger scent throw than paraffin candles.

The golden rule

Social responsibility has become expected of businesses these days. Farming and agriculture are no different. Paying attention to the impact of farms on their surrounding communities is important. Conscious consumers expect no less!

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