Looking to switch things up in your home in 2017? Take your home from drab to fab by embracing these interior design trends:

Freshen up your walls.
Do your walls look a little too dark? Is the paint from several years ago starting to look lackluster? Consider adding a pop with some bright colors. White and light gray are popular choices and can help to bring more light into any room. Make sure your furniture and other items match the feel of the bright rooms as well. Avoid dark, oversized furniture and get rid of any clutter to create a relaxing, organized and airy environment.

Formal dining rooms
Designers say formal dining rooms are making a comeback. In a hectic world it’s nice every once and a while to sit down as a family, enjoy a nice meal and have a great conversation.

Similar to the case for dining rooms, more and more families are now opting to keep their living rooms free of gadgets in an effort to forge bonds. We bet you won’t even miss the electronics and you may grow close as a family.

These are just some design ideas that can help transform your home into one you’ll love in 2017 and for many years to come. And don’t forget a candle is always in style!