Summer’s finally here, and you’re ready to enjoy your porch. You’ve got everything – the wicker furniture, the over-sized colorful pillows and lots of fun accents. But suddenly, you sniff the air. Something’s missing! Here are a few scents to add to your warm-weather porch.


Perhaps nothing quite defines spring like flowers, so floral scents are a natural choice for your screened-in porch. A few of our customer favorites include Best Friends, Love Spell and Twilight.


Lucky for us, natural scents don’t end with florals. Eucalyptus, Lemongrass Sage and Moonlight Path channel the natural scents of the earth. Bonus: The screens on your porch will stop the scent from dissipating too quickly, so you can enjoy it even longer!


What would summer be without fresh-picked fruit? Summer is high time for berry picking, so it’s only fitting we have several scents with hints of berries. Try Best Friends, Mulberry, and Pearberry. And just in time for summer, be sure to check out our new scent: Berry Citronella. Now through July 31, get 10% off this scent!

Needless to say, don’t leave burning candles unattended. Enjoy these fragrances only while on your porch!