Whether you’re feeling stressed, sad or sleepy, scent may help improve your mood. Yes, it’s true: the right scent can evoke a spa-like calm, soothe your anxiety, and improve mental clarity.

Whenever you need a mental boost, consider introducing these fragrances into your space:

Lavender: With a wide variety of health benefits, lavender is a must-have for any candle lover. Its earthy, uplifting scent eases emotional stress and can relieve nervous tension and headaches.

Lemon: This citrus scent helps promote concentration and calm, and has clarifying properties if you’re feeling anxious or angry. Hello, zen!

Jasmine: This floral bouquet can be used to help calm nerves and beat the blues. It’s a great pick for enhancing moods and promotes feelings of optimism and confidence. And who doesn’t need that, right?

Peppermint: Similar to lavender, peppermint helps boost concentration, focus and mental clarity, and has a wide appeal.

Cinnamon: With its bright, invigorating aroma, cinnamon can help improve concentration and focus, and can even help fight mental fatigue.

Rosemary: This wonder-scent may help improve memory retention and might help in fighting headaches. If you’re feeling mentally drained, take a break and a deep breath of this scent.

Are you crazy about a scent not listed here? With more than 50 fragrances, chances are we have something you’ll love!